Playful Annotation with Hypothesis Studying Interactive Text (PAHSIT) is a research partnership between the University of Colorado Denver and Hypothesis, a non-profit organization building an open platform for web annotation and discussion. This collaboration was formed in response to the National Science Foundation’s Data Consortium Fellows program which seeks to “support learning sciences researchers across the United States in developing the capacity to apply best practices in learning analytics and play.”

A team of learning scientists at CU Denver’s School of Education and Human Development, alongside educators and developers from Hypothesis, are examining open web annotation as a playful practice at the intersection of formal and informal learning. The initial spark for research was the use of open web annotation in CU Denver’s graduate INTE 5320 Games and Learning course during the Spring, 2016 semester. A tongue-in-cheek reference to the word posit, PAHSIT identifies educational designs that support open annotation as a playful learning practice. PAHSIT advances inquiry at the intersection of open education and pedagogy, learning analytics, and the role and importance of play in everyday activity. Specifically, PAHSIT addresses two research questions:

  1. Under what conditions is the collaborative and networked practice of open web annotation playful?
  2. What does Hypothesis metadata reveal about the playful qualities of open web annotation?

You are invited to read more about PAHSIT research and to meet the PAHSIT team.

PAHSIT is thankful for support from:

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